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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Obama, Tax Cuts, Islamophobia, and the Mosque

There are several issues that need to be discussed on this blog and I'm hoping to get some debate going. On several, I have some legitimate questions for my liberal friends to help me understand, so let's dive right in.

Is Obama a Muslim?

This question has been getting much more attention than it deserves in recent news. Apparently, a couple of news and polling outfits have been tracking the perceived view of Obama's religion for a while and shockingly (and worrisome it seems for the MSM) roughly one in four Americans think Obama is a Muslim. Only a third or so say he is a Christian and the rest aren't sure.

Liberal commentators in the media scoff at the idea that anyone could be pea-brained enough to think he might not be a Christian; after all, he claims to have sat in Jeremiah Wright's hatefilled and racist church for 20 years, so obviously he is a Christian right? Well, except for that little fact that his father was a Muslim, and in the Islamic faith, that's all it takes. Yeah, there's the story that Obama converted or chose to become a Christian, but there does appear to be some cracks in the story. There is also the time Obama said that the call to evening prayer was one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth and recited the opening lines in perfect Arabic...but surely that is just Obama being a good world-citizen. Then there is the fact that he came out in favor of this mosque that is looking to be built two blocks from Ground Zero, in a building that was actually hit by falling debris from one of the jets. Well I suppose he did say that he didn't "endorse" the mosque, merely he claimed that muslims had a right to build the mosque on private property - which they clearly do. But there was no attempt at outreach or bridge-building with the millions of Americans who clearly do not want the mosque built so close to hallowed American ground.

If Obama wants to claim Christianity for his religion, fine, I don't know what's in the guy's heart, but there are definitely ample examples of evidence to at least call into question this statement.

What does it matter though?

Speaking on the issue of the mosque a bit more, why am I called an islamophobe if I side with the 60ish% of America who would like for the mosque to be built...just someplace else? There are over 100 mosques in NYC with many in lower manhattan. Many muslims have even said that there is no need for a location to worship in that area, so why build it there?

Seems to me that if this Imam Rauf was really about "bridge building", he'd appreciate the wishes of a vast majority of America who just would prefer to keep Ground Zero, and the very nearby surrounding area, free from this mosque. Seems to me that Rauf knows exactly what he is doing, which is giving a big middle finger to America at the spot of Islamo-terror's greatest achievement.

Now then, tax cuts. Or tax increases actually, which seem far more likely to happen. There is a rumor floating that the October surprise this election cycle will be Obama pushing for restoring the Bush tax cuts, but I don't believe that. Obama likes economic crisis - it gives him more influence to try and push through major structural change legislation on the basis that it will improve the economy. However, can we please admit that this "stimulus" plan, that cost us over $850Bn in borrowed money, has failed? Its time to go back, its time to change course. Keynesian spending does not, and will not, work. ESPECIALLY with Obama in charge of it. But even that is to miss the point by admitting the premise.

I've talked on this blog often about the benefit of cutting taxes and spending together. We need to get government out of the retirement and healthcare business. Or at least, restructure how it's administered. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has some great ideas for fixing Social Security and Medicare and we really need to start taking a hard look at these ideas if we ever want to save our country from utter financial ruin.

I welcome the debate.

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