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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Rule of Law and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

It's becoming more and more apparent that the Obama Regime doesn't much care for our Constitution. He admitted as much back in 2007, stating that the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties - that is it says what the government cannot do to us. He doesn't like these limitations put on government and its showing.

The most recent example of the Obama destruction of the rule of law in this country is the $20Bn shakedown of BP. Now I know many of you (myself included) think that BP made a bunch of mistakes and deserves to pay for its faults. Hayword (the CEO) clearly has a PR problem. However, I have to stand and proclaim clearly that this $20Bn "escrow account" to be managed by an "independent third party" (a laughable joke - Kenneth Feinberg, the guy Obama put in charge of docking top executive pay, is this "independent party") is completely unconstitutional and is an utter disgrace to the criminal and civil court system we have in this country for dealing with problems of this type.

In a sane world, one where America still retained her status as a nation of Laws and not of men, someone with standing to sue BP would do so and the entire merits of the case would be played out in court, with boths sides presenting evidence or whatever. Or BP would settle out of court. Either way, this is clearly something left to the judiciary and NOT the President.

This brings me to another and related example - the 6 month moratorium placed on ALL deep water offshore drilling. Obama waited around for 55 days or so before acting (Recall the MSM began ravaging George W Bush after it took him 4 days in Katrina) and when he did act, since he clearly didn't know what to do, he just decreed a stoppage to all drilling so we can figure out the cause.

Ixtoc One - the only other well of this type to burst a leak in the Gulf in recent memory - poured oil into the gulf for 10 months and they NEVER figured out what caused it. So our only other example of this kind of incident in history is still unsolved, yet we're going to halt all deep water drilling for 6 months to figure out the cause?

Meanwhile 130,000 careers are at stake. The livelihood of thousands of people in the Gulf depend on oil drilling - and not just those directly involved in the extraction of oil. Anyone involved in servicing the crews of those rigs have their jobs at stake. Not to mention the loss of American produced oil. No other country is stopping their drilling - to the contrary, many are ramping up. Heck, George Soros paid billions to a Brazilian driller and he stands to profit hugely if America gets out of the deep water business - which may be a good reason for Obama to shut things down in the first place. Its clear he does not have America's economic welfare in his best interests.

But back to the rule of law - a judge in LA tossed out the moratorium claiming it was not clearly defined as to why it was justified. So we have our legal system and then, we have the Obama Regime. Ken Salazar just announced another moratorium - like this is some sort of game to play, oh the judge doesn't like this one? Well we'll just keep throwing something against the wall to see what sticks.

I believe Obama doesn't much care that oil is pouring into the gulf, or that tens of thousands of people would lose their jobs if his moronically short-sighted moratorium goes into place. This is just another crisis of which to take advantage. Notice how he has been turning down dozens of offers from the Dutch and the Norwegians to help clean up the oil? Notice how he has ordered the construction of protective sand burms off the LA coast stopped - for a freaking environmental IMPACT STUDY? I'll show you an environmental impact when there are miles of coast covered in an oil slick BECAUSE your stupid study took so long and you prevented the construction of barrier islands that would have prevented this! Do you notice how the Obama - controlled Coast Guard halted skimmers in their operation to suck up the oil to determine if the boats had adequate life vests and fire extinguishers on board?

This is a freaking emergency! Jindal and LA and the others have no time for silly bureaucratic games and protocals and red tape. Its ridiculous. There are foreigners that have OFFERED to help us and we keep turning them down because of some little paper work inconsistency, or because Obama refuses to temporarily waive the Jones Act, which disallows non union maritime workers or some such thing. Other presidents have done it in times of great need, such as this.

Here we have a TRUE, real opportunity for government to actually work WITH the private sector and other governments to solve a real problem and instead, what do we get? We get a speech about how this oil tragedy just exemplifies our need for Cap and Trade legislation.

So on top of a huge environmental disaster, Obama throws government red tape on the problem, threatens to put 130,000 people out of work, and wants to enact economy-destroying tax increases on businesses and individuals all to ...get us off of oil?

Its idiotic, insane, un-American, and ...deliberate. This tragedy is being left to linger and worsen on purpose so Obama can enact more of his marxist ideology. And people gave Bush hell for the response to Katrina - heh, if only Obama were half as good as Bush, the Gulf might stand a chance at avoiding this looming catastrophe.

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