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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrorists tried in US Courts and other random thoughts

There are a couple of things going on at the moment that I wanted to throw out for discussion. First off, we have the Obama administration deciding to try 5 Gitmo detainees in US Civilian Criminal Court.

The headliner in this case is Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the admitted mastermind behind the 9/11 WTC attacks.

This is, in my opinion, one of the single worst national security decisions EVER MADE in US history. Plus, it is just plain stupid. Here are my reasons:

1. These terrorists are not US citizens and do not deserve any Constitutional right to a trial by jury.

2. Where the hell are they going to find an unbiased "jury of their peers" to try the case?

3. They already admitted their guilt and asked to be martyred for Islam. Grant their wish.

4. This is going to be a fantastic show trial that will put the United States on trial. Our CIA will be rendered utterly destroyed due to all the discovery and evidence of techniques, what we know, how we know it, etc.

5. There is a strong possibility of an acquittal for 5 terrorists who organized the bombing of the WTC and the murder of 3,000 US citizens, and a chance at an outright dismissal of the case altogether because:

6. These terrorists were never Mirandized.

7. The President of the US admitted we tortured them (waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation).

8. Therefore, their confession of guilt was under duress of torture and thus is null and void as evidence in a criminal court.

This decision is going to make America a bigger target for future terrorist attacks (my reason? Look at the time we tried the Blind Sheik and then see what happened on 9/11/2001)

It is my belief that this decision is being made to placate the radical extreme Bush-hating left who would prefer that Bush be the one on trial but will gladly settle for America instead. This is a radically stupid national security decision and it will most certainly result in America becoming less secure.

Why does Obama keep bowing to all these foreign leaders? (Saudi Arabia and Japan that I've seen photographed.

Why didn't Obama defend the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII as the right thing to have been done at the time given all the circumstances?

Sarah Palin's book is out today. She's setting records all over the place yet the media and beltway politicians on both sides continue to discredit her. She represents the disconnect between Congress and the people and the sooner Congress realizes that, the sooner they will save their reelection chances.

Obama is all of a sudden a deficit hawk. Next year, apparently he will go on a war against the deficit. HAHAHA!

What happens if the POTUS is determined to be ineligible to serve? Does the VP take over? Do we have to have a reelection?

Just a few thoughts for discussion. Please share yours.


  1. ZOMG I'm posting again

    2. I am betting that they will find some ACORN reps to step in as "unbiased" peers to judge them, at which point they will probably set them free.

    3. Scott we can't be killing people out of spite for them killing us as well as destroying a symbol of the world! What is wrong with you? Instead, let's put them through real torture, and make them watch a Matthew McConaughey movie marathon and then the terrorists can decide what is torture and not.

    I do want to know why Obama keeps bowing though, because there is absolutely nothing disrespectful about a good solid handshake while looking the guy in the eye. Do you think FDR or Truman ever considered bowing during the Potsdam conference after WWII? Do you think at any point in our history any president has considered bowing to the enemy/equal during any conference? No, no they didn't. What Obama is doing is just irratatingly dumb

  2. Funny how this two weeks in a row that we will have posts on the same topic. Will have my view of the Gitmo issue tomorrow.

    Random answers to the random questions...

    "What happens if the POTUS is determined to be ineligible to serve? Does the VP take over? Do we have to have a reelection?"

    I think we should call in the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe to settle the issue. :-)

    "Why does Obama keep bowing to all these foreign leaders?"

    Better than throwing up on them! :-)

    Nice to see you back Todd.