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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two things

Just two things I want to point out as we start the day...

1) Say what you want about his political orientation or some of the things that happened personally, Ted Kennedy's service to this country as a public servant should serve as a role model for more of us. He dedicated his life to serving this country in the political arena. We don't appreciate this from people as much as we should.

2) Just came across a book about the Afghanistan war. It is a photo book about our troops there. It is called 2nd Tour: I Hope I Don't Die by photo journalist Peter van Agtmael. It is a very deep reminder of the sacrifices our troops and their families make every day while we don't feel the sacrifice in our lives about this war. I am just as guilty as the next person on this blog. We've debated abortion, economics, health care while many thousands put their lives on the line simply because our nation has asked them to do so. As you read this post, please take a second to remember those who sacrifice their personal wishes to serve us so that we can debate our topics on this blog in the most peaceful country in the world. It wouldn't be a bad idea to say out loud "Thank you."


  1. 2) Absolutely. We have the best trained, equipped, and supported troops in the world and they do great work everyday keeping us safe.

    1)I'll feel more sad about Ted Kennedy passing when he is posthumously tried for the negligent homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne.

    Maybe I'm just cynical about old Teddy, but I think he is example numero uno of why we need term limits in the House and Senate. Followed closely by Arlen Specter and Robert KKK Byrd.

  2. I can agree that Ted Kennedy's work ethic is admirable, but as far as policies he was behind, I feel he did more of a diservice to our country than a service.

  3. I feel sorry for families who have family members in the military and that have died. What people try to do for their country these days is outrageous. I give so many props to people who actually join the army, but I think that we should just stop the war. On top of all the negative feelings that the Muslims have against the Americans, we have also lost thousands of our soldiers. I understand that we want to defend our country and all but after 6 years does the war really mean anything anymore. I don't even know the real reason why we are still fighting in Iraq. The more that we are over there fighting, the more I think it’s going to make everyone over there mad and end up retrieving and hitting us harder. Most of the people in Iraq had nothing to do with the war and their family and friends are dying from it. I don't think that anyone should die for no reason. It would be nice if the war just stopped and we could all live happy lives with our families. I really do appreciate all the soldiers who are fighting though. They are doing great work but I just wish they could reunite with their family again and the war in Iraq stops.

  4. George Will wrote a nice tribue to Ted Kennedy that seems to be above the ability of the conservatives here. Here's the link

  5. Your right Scott that photo book is amazing.

    Having an aunt in Iraq right now I am constantly reminded that people are fighting overseas while some people just take it for granite.

    I once passed by a funeral home and there was a service man/woman being laid to rest. Outside there were protestors protesting the war, among other things.
    All I could think was how DARE them, how DARE they protest in a time of grief, when this person fought for their country that they are living in.

    You do not have to support this war we are in. You should however support our troops.

  6. I am going to go out on a limb here and say the protestors outside that funeral home were liberals. Just as Wardo on here doesn't like it when we categorize all conservatives as the same, I hope this is true in reverse.

    One way to support out troops is to work to get them out of a war that we feel is unjust (i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan). I don't want our young men and women dying for a cause I don't support.

    HOWEVER, that is no reason to ridicule the contributions they make to such a war. They do their job of fighting for our country without question and for that they deserve our deepest respect.

    If you want to protest the war, go to an army recruitment station, a ROTC office, Congress, the White House, etc.


  7. I can't believe that people would protest the war at a funeral.

    I am sure that most of the people who are fighting in the war do not agree with it. They do not have a choice on whether they stay home or go to Iraq. These poor soldiers are putting their lives on the line because they have to and want to protect our country not because they necessarily believe the war is needed.

    I do thank the soldiers who are fighting for me but I also want to thank the governement for lying to me and putting my family and friends out on the front line to fight for a lie!

  8. I can't believe that people have the balls to protest outside a funneral home, where inside lays a person who faught and sacrificed their life for the very freedom that we have. If it wasn't for our soldiers, we would not have a country as we do today. I do agree that this war has went on for far to long.. It seems like for the past couple of years we have heard that the war is coming to an end, but where is the end? I would like to be able to thank all of the men and women who are serving in our military at this time. May God bless them and look over them until they can come home safely to their families.
    Now for another matter that needs some attention, why is it that the King of PoP received more publicity with his (final) funneral then Ted Kennedy? Makes you think, what is this world comming to.

  9. I have to admit that I did not know much about Ted Kennedy until he got sick and was on the TV news all the time. I didn't like him because he was the NCLB guy who worked with Bush. I am a Science teacher and I have a real problems with NCLB; standards and accountability is important, but in my class I teach my kids science and how to look at the world objectively, not how to pass a test.

    Recently, though, I have been researching Kennedy's entire body of work throughout his life. I have to say that I have prejudged him unfairly. He was influential in getting NCLB written and passed, but I think he did really want to provide better public school education to all children. He said that it didn't get a chance to do much good because so many other factors (funding, etc) were inadequate. He didn't just gloss over the failings of NCLB like Bush so often did.

    ALSO, I have found that as a young minority woman, I have to give him a lot of credit for passing legislation that has shaped my life as I grew up. I was able to participate in all kinds of sports in school (Civil Rights Bill and title IX), teach in integrated classrooms (ADA and IDEA), and have my privacy protected when I go to the doctor (HIPAA).

    I think Senator Kennedy was overall a really good guy, and he did a lot more than most government people have done to help people who couldn't speak up for themselves. He didn't mind working with people he disagreed with in the legislature if he could get some important measures passed.

  10. I find it appauling that people would protest outside of a funeral. Personally I think this was has gone on entirely to long and we need to get the hell out of Iraq. My bestfriend is in the Army and was a willing volunteer to go to Iraq. He stood by his beliefs that we should try to help. However, he has since been back for 2 years and says everyday that he does not know the real reason we are even there. Are we even making a difference? All the lives lost, families in mourning over their dead children and children who have lost their parents seems like even more of a reason to bring the remaining troops home.