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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scott J.'s Public Service Announcement - Organ Donation

From time to time, I will repost this message as we get new readers, but this is an issue that I hope we can all agree on, liberals and conservatives. This topic is near and dear to my heart.

In October 2007, my father passed away from complication with pneumonia. The pneumonia was caused by a genetic deficiency in his liver, which was beyond repair. If he had survived the pneumonia, he would have needed a liver transplant. However, he died.

After he died, the nurse asked us if we would be willing to have my dad's tissues donated for transplantation. Without hesitation I said (and my mom and brother) yes, because not only was it my dad's wishes, but also we would have been waiting for a transplant and it would only be fair for us to donate. I will never forget what the nurse said next. She said, "That is awesome, so many people in your situation figure that it didn't work out for them so they say forget about donating."

I was floored. How could anyone do that?

My dad passed away, but someone received his heart valve and is still alive today.

In September 2008, my brother had a second major heart attack and needed a heart transplant. One year to the day after my dad passed away, my brother received a new heart. This was possible because another family cared enough about humanity to save my brother's life.

I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, please sign up on the organ donor registry ( Also, tell your loved ones to do so also and insist to family that anything other than organ donation will be against your wishes. Someone's life will depend on your decision


  1. I just told my family the other day that they either donate my organs or my body to science so that med students and others can learn. Either way I want myself donated to something that will improve the medical world.

  2. It is so hard to believe that people wouldn't donate their loved one's organs just because the situation didn't work out for them, like you said. I only wish there was a better way of getting people to realize the impact organ donation had on the lives of families all over the country. A story like yours is a great start.

  3. I agree also. When I die if there is any part of my body left that can help someone else live, take it. I could care less about death, I just hope I can help someone else have a longer life.

  4. I think that organ donation is a great thing. I have already signed up to be an organ donor, and if my organs are not needed I have signed papers to be donated to science. I believe that if a person can help someone else even after they die they should seize the opportunity. I think it is sad that some people refuse to donate organs just because their situation did not turn out for the better.

  5. I think organ donation is a great thing to do. No one wants to see any of their love ones die, but we all know that we have to die at some time. Once a person has died that person no longer needs his or her organs, so why not help someone who is suffering. I am actually an organ donor myself. I do not see a purpose of keeping my organs in my body if I am dead. Everyone should donate their organs to others to help people when they need it the most.

  6. I agree with organ donation along with most of you. I am the only one in my family that believes in organ donation, they believe that you should be buried as a whole, instead of cut up and used for scraps. I am an organ donor and I believe once I die, I will not need the organs so why not give them to someone in need or to science. The only problem I have is knowing my organs could go to a convicted felon or someone who I do not believe deserves my organs, but who am I to decide who does deserve them and who does not.

  7. I think organ donation is a great idea. Being able to give someone else hope is beautiful when you are able to put your own feelings aside and think of others. So many people look at organ donation as a terrible thing because they are picturing what is happening to their loved one during the procedure, but not realizing no matter what their love one is gone. If we can't hold on to the life we have why not let someone else have a chance to live longer. So Scott you did an honorable thing and I would do the same

  8. Before I start, let me say I am a big advocate of organ donation. I have been registered with my home state (DMV) so that if my organs are viable, and can save someones life, they have my permission to use them. I do know however that they still require the family to give consent. But I have a bit of an argument . . .

    Lets say I come in the hospital and I am in critical condition and the doctors have worked on me for a while and it somehow comes out that I am a organ donor, there is a patient in dire need of a transplant; Do you think that they would work as hard to save me or would they let me die so they can harvest my organs for the patient.

    Even more, what do you think about the "black market" of organ harvesting that has been catching the recent media attention as of late?

  9. I am firm believer in organ donation. Organs can save so many lives. The way I see it, is what are you going to do when you die? I do not want to sit, and rot in the ground. I want to do something to help people. My parents know I want to be an organ donor. I do want the doctors to contact my family, and still get permission. I want my family to get a chance to say goodbye. After I donate my organs, I want to donate my body to science. I want my body to do something productive. There is nothing more productive than saving a lot of lives, and helping people learn. As morbid as it is, people need to let their families know about their decision.

    Someone told me that instead of signing the back of your driver’s license for being an organ donor, sign the back of your license if you do not want to be an organ donor.

    I think that is a good idea, but I do think that the hospital needs to contact his or her family before giving away somebody’s organs.

  10. I also am a strong believer of organ donation. Once we die there is no use for our organs. If your organs could help someone else have a fuller life, wouldn't you want to help someone else? I know that I would. Since I have been 18, I have always marked on my license that I would like to donate my organs. Even if there is no one to take my organs, I would rather my body be used for science than have it just deteriorate in the ground. I think more people should see the pros of organ donation and consider it. I think it is a great way to help others who need an organ donor.

  11. Wow, I really never thought about organ donation until today after reading everyone's posts. Thanks Scott for sharing your storys with us, you certainly opened my eyes to organ donation.